9 Benefits of Reading with Young Children

9 Benefits of Reading with Young Children

9 Benefits of Reading with Young Children

As parents, it is our goal to lay a firm foundation for our children to achiece academic excellence in order to better prepare them for life’s many challenges.

Studies have shown that students who love learning were exposed to books before preschool. The benefits of reading with young children are countless. In fact, it lays th​e groundwork to ease the difficulties the future might hold and result in school success.

  1. Children who are active participants in reading experience have shown greater language gains than those who were not provided with the same exposure.

  2. Shared reading experiences early in child’s life build stronger family relationships and create bonds of intimacy between parents and children.

  3. It also initiates opportunities to develop increased communication between them and improve the child’s expressive language abilities.

  4. It also helps child to understand, retell and describe details in the story.

  5. Exposure to various books enriches a child’s vocabulary and at the same time develops his reading comprehension skills, concentration and memoru retention.

  6. It also builds his imagination and provide scenarios for free play.

  7. Books that are relevant to a child’s experience can also relieve his anxiety and help him cope when he goes through major chages in his life or when he approaches a major developmental milestone. There are relevant children’s books for almost every situation which can really help explain things on a child’s level.

  8. Books also teach a child more logical thingking skills early on to grasp abstract concepts to make him understand cause and effect, apply logic in various situations and utilize good judgment.

  9. Children who have the ability to find the words they want to deliver their message are more likely to have strong self-image, sense on confidence and higher academic proficiency. Early readers are armed with the vocabulary necessary to communicate their thoughts and ideas with their parents, teaches and friends.

Early reading, therefore, ignites the child’s creativity and imagination. It transport him to a world of mae believe where the characters in the stories come alive. He begins to see reading as an exciting adventure and a pleasurable habit rather than a bothersome chore. The child is then ready to conquer the world and reach greater heights simplu by flipping the pages of the book and discover the wonders it brings.​

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