• a person of integrity.
  • age 21-35 yo.
  • experienced in their field.
  • fluent in spoken and written English.
  • loves working with children.
  • energetic, creative, hardworking, and exhibits good teamwork skills.
  • willing to work in shifts (i.e Monday to Sunday).
Montessori Preschool Teacher


  • Execute a developmentally appropriate Montessori preschool program for young children
  • Develop and implement a monthly Montessori web curriculum
  • Prepare developmentally appropriate lesson plans, circle time plans and multi-activities to promote learning
  • Ensure Core Character Values are correctly taught and carried out in the classroom
  • Provide and maintain an engaging prepared environment for students in the classroom
  • Prepare accurate student reports and comprehensive portfolios as required and needed
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Montessori Preschool Teacher Assistant


Support assigned Lead Teacher in overall teaching and implementing of effective classroom management strategies

  • Provide individual and group instruction to reinforce learning concepts presented by the lead teacher
  • Help prepare and implement a monthly Montessori web curriculum
  • Ensure that documentation of classroom activities are well-planned, implemented and stored
  • Collaborate with the lead teacher to create an environment that is conducive to learning with appropriate learning

materials  placed correctly in the classroom

  • Assist Lead Teacher partner in preparing student reports and portfolios
  • Establish that Core Character Values are correctly taught and implemented in the classroom
  •        Cooperate with the Lead Teacher in promoting positive relationships with students’ parents and help maintain

effective communication

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Playhouse staff


  • Be the face of KinderHaven as front office staff.
  • Deliver warm, smart, and a quick-response customer service.
  • Monitor children’s safety and facility cleanliness in the Playhouse.
  • Lead Playhouse activities as scheduled.
  • Ensure a fun play time for children in the Playhouse.
  • Assist Cashier with Shop display and price labeling.
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Daycare staff


  • Be the face of KinderHaven as front office staff.
  • Lead children’s daily activities is a warm and loving manner.
  • Monitor children’s safety in the Daycare.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of Daycare program curriculum and activities.
  • Oversee Daycare facility cleanliness, management and inventory.
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