A Day in KinderHaven Montessori Preschool

A Day in KinderHaven Montessori Preschool

A Day in KinderHaven Montessori Preschool

A Day in KinderHaven Montessori Preschool



Upon arrival, children in KinderHaven take off their shoes and put them in their assigned
cubby holes. They take their own snack box and water bottle from their bags to put on the
trays. These daily routines help build independence and self-discipline.


During the Work Period, the children are engaged with the materials from the 5 Montessori
learning areas, which are Practical Life Exercises, Sensorial Studies, Language, Mathematics, and
Cultural Studies. Each material has been carefully designed with the purpose of facilitating the
growth of young minds and developing their way of thinking.


Patience, independence, and responsibility are indirectly taught during Snack Time when the
children have a chance to apply Practical Life activities in real life. They open their snack box
and water bottle by themselves and eat their food independently. Before eating, the children
have to line up, wait patiently for their turns to wash their hands and pray together. They also
have to be responsible to tidy up once they are done.


During Multi-Activity Time, the children are presented with a variety of activities that will help
support their physical, social, emotional, intellectual, language and adaptive development.
These activities range from Performing Arts, Food Preparation, Music and Movement, Arts and
Crafts, Storytelling, Library and Playhouse Period.


One of the most essential part of our daily routines is our Core Character Value Education.
We focus on one Biblical character value at a time to discuss with the children. They learn
concepts through simple word defnitions, Bible verses, art projects, fun games, songs and
also stories. Our aim is to build Godly character in the children as their foundation in life.


It’s time to go home as the children fnish their fun and exciting activities in Kinderhaven.
We sing our prayer song and say goodbye to our teachers and friends. The children take their
bags independently and put on their shoes before lining up to the dismissal area, ready to
meet their parents and share happily the experiences they had all day.






This month’s Core Character Value (CCV): Self-Esteem – I am Special was truly meaningful and
engaging for the children. They understood the concept that inspite our differences, everyone is
special because God made us and He modeled each one of us after Him.

The finger printing activity, “I like being me” made the children realize that each child is
unique when they saw their different prints on a big white paper. The story, “Sammy- I’m Glad I’m
Me” also reminded everyone to be happy just the way they are. The song, “Jesus Loves the Little
Children” talks about Jesus’ love all the children in the world, regardless of their cultural background,
color of skin, type of body or characteristics. To complete the activities during CCV Time, the children
danced happily to show their love for God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.







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