Fun Learning Activities to do at Home

Fun Learning Activities to do at Home

Fun Learning Activities to do at Home

Teks: Marsha Septami, KinderHaven Toddler’s Teacher
As parents we might find it difficult to do activities at home for or with our children. Here are some fun activities that you can do with them:

Sweeping Activities
Do your children like to sweep or just play with the broom? Don’t worry, now you can turn sweeping into a fun learning experience! All you have to prepare is a dust pan and brush, broom, basket of sweeping materials (bits of paper/pencil shavings/ buttons). For a toddler, you can use a small brush and ask them to gather the ‘dirt’ into a line you’ve made then use a brush and dust pan to finish the job (see picture). For an older child, they can use the broom and a much bigger space to sweep. Remember to always give examples on how to do it, especially for toddlers. You might think that this is only a simple sweeping activity, but actually this will encourage your child to care about his environment, develop his independence, and improve his concentration. Don’t be surprised if you see your child doing this activity over and over again.



Sensory Wall Mosa ic Art
If you have Lego, foam blocks, or colorful pattern blocks in your house this activity might be useful for you. You need several feet of contact paper that you will need to stick on the wall. Together with your children, make a mosaic or any shape from the blocks and stick it on the paper. This is a great sensory play experience for them as they learn different shapes and textures through their sense of touch.



Mystery Balloon Sensory Activity
Children love guessing games!! You just need a few balloons to fill in with mystery substances such as shaving cream, any kind of beans, sugar, rice, salt, water, oil, etc., and let them guess what’s inside. To make it easier for you, use a funnel to fill in the balloons. This is fun for children all ages. For toddlers or younger children, you can let them guess the ingredients in each balloon by also showing them the ingredients (you can place the ingredients on different plates and let them guess which balloons have each particular ingredient inside). You can also make nomenclature cards with a picture of one ingredient on each card, then ask your children to match the balloons with the correct card. For older children, you can just let them touch and feel the balloons to guess what’s inside. You can also ask them to describe the ingredients when they touch it. Is it smooth or rough/lumpy, hot or cold and any other adjectives that they can think of – this way they won’t even know that they are learning new vocabulary!



“Love begins at home and it is not how much we do but how much love we put in that action – Mother Theresa. “
“Cinta itu dimulai dari rumah, bukan berapa banyak yang kita lakukan, tetapi berapa besar cinta yang kita tuangkan ke dalam satu tindakan – Mother Theresa. “

Cooking Time
Do you think that cooking is always an adult business? Not anymore!! In Montessori, cooking can be a fun activity for both parents and children. Just remember that everything should be child-sized and of course, child friendly too. Choose a recipe, prepare the ingredients (you can do it together with your child). Sequence the steps (make a frieze for the recipe so that your child can know the specific steps). During the process of cooking let them explore by allowing them to wash, cut, and finally cook the ingredients themselves. Cooking can be a learning opportunity for your children to learn Math as they try measure the amount of ingredients needed for a particular dish (count, add, subtract, or divide). They also develop language skills by describing the textures of different ingredients such as dough and rice. You can ask what the ingredient’s name is or how it tastes like. Does it taste sweet? Salty? Is it soft, hard or wet? Or you can give them simple instructions like, “Can you stir, mash, or knead it?” Hopefully you can try all of these activities in your home and enjoy a meaningful bonding time with your loved ones. Make your weekends truly fun and enjoyable by creating valuable moments together!


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